The Retail Solution

M2 has extensive experience in setting up retail stores and has played a key role in a vast number of new retail concepts. We know retail – inside out. We support customers in the retail, premium and luxury segments – planning and executing profit-generating environments.

We know how to increase sales by designing stores that attract consumers and make the customer's visit a true event. We know how to use the walls and the floor space effectively; how to highlight and expose products and the best way to create “flow” through the sales area. In short: Retail knowledge is our claim to fame.

Recent activity

11 Apr, 2018:

Retail project, Vancouver: Handmade cabinet displays in solid oak with glass tops and a storage wall with integrated smart frames are just some of the high end furniture produced at M2 carpentry and paintshop in Rydöbruk and then shipped across the globe to the store in Canada. This is the second collaboration between M2 and the European luxury brand within a period of six months.

8 Mar, 2018:

Retail project, Paris: This French luxury brand is known worldwide for it’s exclusive handbags and perfumes. All furniture for the brand’s store in Paris was handmade with great care and the highest quality at M2 carpentry in Rydöbruk. Similar projects are planned on a global scale during the main part of 2018.

14 Feb, 2018:

Retail project, Brussels: The opening of the Brussels flagship store launched the latest retail concept for this top of the line brand of handbags and luggage. M2 delivered the concept design, production and supervising.

15 Jan, 2018:

Hotel project, Stockholm: This turn of the century hotel in Stockholm is one of M2’s largest hotel projects so far. A complete renovation and restoration including advanced building work as well as production and installation of the hotel rooms. The project will be ongoing during 2018.

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