Product Overview

M2 Retail Solutions is a unique company as it has the ability and competence to function as a fully outsourced Store Planning Department. M2 have clients who through the partnership are able to handle a global rollout consisting of hundreds of openings and renovations yearly and being able to do so with a very slim organization. However, not all brands are interested in this, some might only want specific services or products from M2 and some wants a combination where more is required in some parts of the world and less in other.

Extensive knowledge obtained over many years have taught us that there is a huge difference between the Luxury/Flagship business and Rollout based. Both being unique in their own way and with different needs and requirements. M2 have therefore chosen to create two separate organizations each specializing in their own field.

M2’s objective is to assist its clients in executing the most efficient store establishments in the industry taking short and long term profit, cost, quality, time frame as well as knowledge of local conditions and global retail into consideration.

Contact us

M2 has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong and Mainland China as well as representation in Korea. You find the contact information under Contact.

Alternatively, you can use our contact form. Your message will be dispatched directly to our offices in Asia or Europe, who will answer as soon as they can. Please be advised that this response may be delayed by weekends and public holidays.